4.4 Harden Usage for 'local_infile' on MariaDB Clients

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The local_infile parameter dictates whether files located on the MariaDB client's computer can be loaded or selected via LOAD DATA INFILE or SELECT local_file.


For MariaDB client programs and connectors prior to 10.2.0, disabling local_infile reduces an attacker's ability to read sensitive files off the affected server via an SQL injection vulnerability.


Disabling local_infile will impact the functionality of solutions that rely on it.


Upgrade all MariaDB clients and connectors to 10.2.0 or higher.
In the case where using local_infile is needed, the following changes further harden security:
On client side, secure by:
Limiting the location from where data can be read using --load-data-local-dir.

mariadb --local-infile=0 --load-data-local-dir=/my/local/data

Adding TLS connection to assure server identity by requiring verification.

mariadb --local-infile=0 --load-data-local-dir=/my/local/data --ssl-mode=VERIFY_IDENTITY

If local_infile is not in use or if clients are not upgraded - add the following line to the [mariadbd] section of the MySQL configuration file and restart the MariaDB service:


Default Value:

0 (OFF)

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