Ensure 'Interactive logon: Smart card removal behavior' is set to 'Lock Workstation' or higher


This policy setting determines what happens when the smart card for a logged-on user is removed from the smart card reader.

The recommended state for this setting is: Lock Workstation. Configuring this setting to Force Logoff or Disconnect if a Remote Desktop Services session also conforms to the benchmark.


Users sometimes forget to lock their workstations when they are away from them, allowing the possibility for malicious users to access their computers. If smart cards are used for authentication, the computer should automatically lock itself when the card is removed to ensure that only the user with the smart card is accessing resources using those credentials.


If you select Lock Workstation, the workstation is locked when the smart card is removed, allowing users to leave the area, take their smart card with them, and still maintain a protected session.

If you select Force Logoff, users are automatically logged off when their smart card is removed.

If you select Disconnect if a Remote Desktop Services session, removal of the smart card disconnects the session without logging the users off. This allows the user to insert the smart card and resume the session later, or at another smart card reader-equipped computer, without having to log on again. If the session is local, this policy will function identically to Lock Workstation.

Enforcing this setting on computers used by people who must log onto multiple computers in order to perform their duties could be frustrating and lower productivity. For example, if network administrators are limited to a single account but need to log into several computers simultaneously in order to effectively manage the network enforcing this setting will limit them to logging onto one computer at a time. For these reasons it is recommended that this setting only be enforced on workstations used for purposes commonly associated with typical users such as document creation and email.


To establish the recommended configuration, set the following Device Configuration Policy to 'Lock Workstation or higher:

To access the Device Configuration Policy from the Intune Home page:

Click Devices

Click Configuration profiles

Click Create profile

Select the platform (Windows 10 and later)

Select the profile (Endpoint protection)

Click Create

Enter a Name

Click Next

Configure the following Setting

Path: Endpoint protection/Local device security options/Interactive Logon
Setting Name: Smart card removal behavior
Configuration: Lock Workstation or Higher

Select OK

Continue through the Wizard to complete the creation of the profile (profile assignments, applicability etc.)

Note: More than one configuration setting from each of the Configuration profiles (ex: Administrative Templates, Custom etc.) can be added to each Device Configuration Policy.

Note #2: This setting can also be created via a Custom Configuration Profile using the following OMA-URI:

Name: <Enter name>
Description: <Enter Description>
OMA-URI: ./Device/Vendor/MSFT/Policy/Config/LocalPoliciesSecurityOptions/InteractiveLogon_SmartCardRemovalBehavior
Data type: Integer
Value: 1, 2, or 3

Select OK

Continue through the Wizard to complete the creation of the profile (profile assignments, applicability etc.)

Default Value:

No action.

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