3.1.11 Set maximum connection limits - MAX_CONNECTIONS


The max_connections parameter indicates the maximum number of client connections allowed per database partition. It is recommended that this parameter be set equal to the max_coordagents parameter. The max_coordagents parameter equals the maximum number of agents needed to perform connections to the database or attachments to the instance.
NOTE- Ensure that dependent parameters, such as maxappls, are set less than the max_coordagents parameter. This would ensure that the lock limit isn't reached, which would result in lock escalation issues.


The default value for max_coordagents is set to AUTOMATIC. Allowable range is 1 to 64,000, or -1 for unlimited. The recommended value is 100. The following command will set the max_coordagents to 100, as well as set the max_connections to AUTOMATIC which is also recommended.
1. Attach to the DB2 instance
db2 => attach to $DB2INSTANCE
2. Run the following command from the DB2 command window-
db2 => update database manager configuration using max_coordagents 100 AUTOMATIC
If maxappls is NOT less than the value for max_coordagents, then adjust the value of maxappls accordingly-
db2 => update database configuration using maxappls <a number less then max_coordagents>
Default Value-
The default value for max_connections is AUTOMATIC.
The default value for max_coordagents is AUTOMATIC.
The default value for maxappls is AUTOMATIC.

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References: 800-53|AC-10

Plugin: Unix

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