3.2 Ensure Legacy Networks Do Not Exist for Older Projects


In order to prevent use of legacy networks, a project should not have a legacy network configured. As of now, Legacy Networks are gradually being phased out, and you can no longer create projects with them. This recommendation is to check older projects to ensure that they are not using Legacy Networks.


Legacy networks have a single network IPv4 prefix range and a single gateway IP address for the whole network. The network is global in scope and spans all cloud regions. Subnetworks cannot be created in a legacy network and are unable to switch from legacy to auto or custom subnet networks. Legacy networks can have an impact for high network traffic projects and are subject to a single point of contention or failure.




From Google Cloud CLI
For each Google Cloud Platform project,

Follow the documentation and create a non-legacy network suitable for the organization's requirements.

Follow the documentation and delete the networks in the legacy mode.

Default Value:

By default, networks are not created in the legacy mode.

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