2.1.5 Ensure hostname is set


Changes the device default hostname.


The device hostname plays an important role in asset inventory and identification as a security requirement. It is also crucial in the public keys and certificate deployments, as well as when correlating logs from different systems during an incident handling.


In CLI, set the hostname to 'New_FGT1' as follows:

FGT1 # config system global
FGT1 (global) # set hostname 'New_FGT1'
FGT1 (global) # end
New_FGT1 #

or In GUI, go to 'System' -> 'Settings', update the field 'Hostname' with the new hostname, and click 'Apply'

Default Value:

The default value of the hostname is the model number of the unit. Example: 'FortiGate 2000E'

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