1.4 Only allow trusted users to control Docker daemon


The Docker daemon currently requires 'root'privileges. A user added to the'docker' group gives him full 'root'access rights.


Docker allows you to share a directory between the Docker host and a guest container without limiting the access rights of the container. This means that you can start a container and map the / directory on your host to the container. The container will then be able to alter your host file system without any restrictions. In simple terms, it means that you can attain elevated privileges with just being a member of the 'docker' group and then starting a container with mapped / directory on the host.


Remove any users from the 'docker' group that are not trusted. Additionally, do not create a mapping of sensitive directories on host to container volumes.


Rights to build and execute containers as normal user would be restricted.

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Not Applicable

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References: 800-53|AC-6

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: abb4f9580631ab21b1d21771f2f28cc3b6ade966f6c35b77c72f02a131e826ce