4.4 Restrict access to Tomcat logs directory

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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The Tomcat $CATALINA_HOME/logs directory contains Tomcat logs. It is recommended that the ownership of this directory be tomcat_admin:tomcat. It is also recommended that the permissions on this directory deny read, write, and execute for the world (o-rwx).


Restricting access to these directories will prevent local users from maliciously or inadvertently altering Tomcat's logs.


Perform the following to restrict access to Tomcat log files:

Set the ownership of the $CATALINA_HOME/logs to tomcat_admin:tomcat.

# chown tomcat_admin:tomcat $CATALINA_HOME/logs

Remove read, write, and execute permissions for the world

# chmod o-rwx $CATALINA_HOME/logs

Default Value:

The default permissions of the top-level directories are 770.

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