Abuse Elevation Control Mechanism


Adversaries may circumvent mechanisms designed to control elevate privileges to gain higher-level permissions. Most modern systems contain native elevation control mechanisms that are intended to limit privileges that a user can perform on a machine. Authorization has to be granted to specific users in order to perform tasks that can be considered of higher risk. An adversary can perform several methods to take advantage of built-in control mechanisms in order to escalate privileges on a system.

Products, Sensors, and Dependencies

ProductDependenciesData sourceAccess requiredProtocolData CollectedNotes
Tenable Identity ExposureActive DirectoryStandard AD userLDAPUser and Group membership and ACLPlugin ID: C-ROOTOBJECTS-SD-CONSISTENCY

Attack Path Technique Details

Framework: MITRE ATT&CK

Family: Privilege Escalation, Defense Evasion

Platform: Windows

Products Required: Tenable Identity Exposure

Tenable Release Date: 2022 Q3