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Mega Tenableman

Win a Vintage Arcade!

Network Invaders is Coming. Play, LEVEL-UP, and Win Big

Black Hat 2015, Booth 419 | August 1 - 6, 2015 | Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

The games begin August 5th

Mega Tenableman

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It’s a new game you’re playing

And it’s time to POWER-UP and PLAY NONSTOP at the Tenable Arcade.

In the real world, your IT security isn’t a game, but at Black Hat 2015, Tenable is making it one. (More than one, actually. And we’ve built our first Tenable Arcade.)

These new ‘games’ introduce potent new enemies. To stop these bad guys and win (and get the highest score!) you need new tools and capabilities. You need to LEVEL-UP to Continuous Network Monitoring™ so you can see everything— all enemies, all hideouts, all the time. And with better context, analytics, and continuous assurance, you’ll be on the right path. You’ll wage and win the right battle. Simply put—you’ll own the game. Visit the Tenable Black Hat Arcade and learn how.

Black Hat gamer guide

An Inside Look at the Black Hat Tenable Arcade: Gamer's Guide

Learn how to level-up your game play at Black Hat and beyond

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Level-Up at the Tenable Arcade

Win EPIC prizes. Are you ready?



‘Cover your assets’ with ARC-MAN for complete visibility. See, share, and power-up for nonstop scoring.

Mega Tenableman


Dr. Gula’s creation—know the personalities of your enemies that hide and roam on the network. Then find and destroy all of them.

Network Invaders


Navigate the ever-expanding maze and take down the hacker boss by eliminating all of his weapons and threats.

Ready to Play?

Stay Updated and Be Game-Ready

Your Tenable arcade executives and expert gamers will be onsite

Join us and learn from the masters

Player 1

Player One

Ron Gula

Thursday, Aug 6th at 1:20PM
Business Hall, Theater B

Security Assurance and Tenable's Five Cyber Security Controls

Enterprises need to know the effectiveness of their security systems as a whole — including event monitoring, patch management, malware defenses, inventory control, user access and many other security defenses. Tenable’s continuous network monitoring solution leverages automation, unique sensors and security content to directly measure how effective your security program is. This session will take a closer look into Tenable's Five Critical Cyber Controls and how they're packaged in Assurance Report Cards™, available pre-installed in Tenable's SecurityCenter Continuous View™.

At Booth #419

Gamer Topic
Matt Alderman

Defining the Next Phase of Enterprise Security

Organizations have invested in many security products, but are they working or fully deployed? It’s no longer about deploying more security products.  A more comprehensive approach is needed to assure the effectiveness of previous and future security investments.  Analyzing emerging security markets, we define the critical domains and capabilities for the next phase of enterprise security.

8/5 - 8/6 at 10:30AM

Jack Daniel

Don't Get Caught Off Guard: Surprises are Great for Games, but not Networks

Some surprises are good, like an unexpected turn or challenge in an arcade game. Other surprises are not so good, like finding stray devices on your network. The first steps to eliminate unpleasant network surprises are building and maintaining complete inventories of all devices and applications in your environment. Armed with accurate inventories, you can prioritize security projects, assure compliance, and meet configuration requirements. In this presentation we will discuss asset, application, and vulnerability discovery using Tenable's Passive Vulnerability Scanner, Log Correlation Engine, Nessus Agents, and SecurityCenter CV.

8/6 at 4:00PM

Jeff Man

The State of Cybersecurity Today

This session will provide a little history based on the presenters 20 years of experience in network/internet security, exploring how far we’ve come, the new and emerging challenges we face, and why old challenges continue to haunt security operations across the public AND private sectors. It will dig into the reasons why we’re plagued by persistent issues, the factors driving cyber threats and what we can do to minimize their impact. This will incorporate a look at the need for an information security policy, documented and repeatable processes, and how no amount of “silver bullet” solutions are a substitute for sound practices that help increase the effectiveness of an organization’s cybersecurity practices.

8/5 at 1:45PM and 4:45PM and 8/6 at 2:00PM

Sean Molloy

Global Game Play: Deploying Tenable Cloud Services

Join this talk and learn about the ways Tenable deploys and operates Nessus around the world. The presenter will highlight how Tenable plans, builds, and runs our cloud solution, in addition to how Nessus on-premises customers can level-up and win big with lessons learned from the cloud game.

8/5 at 11:15AM and 8/6 at 11:45AM

Bill Olson

Level-Up with Continuous Network Monitoring

Join this session for a unique take on the current state of solving problems in the world of IT security. Learn what the 'five fingers' of security means for the business and how continuous network monitoring is the 'fist full' of security you need to continuously protect the business and fight back your foes.

8/5 at 2:45PM and 8/6 at 3:15PM

Paul Asadoorian

The Importance of Agents Now and in the Future of IT Security

Every IT security hero needs a sidekick to be more effective. Consider your sidekick Nessus Agents. Why do you need agents? Visibility across the IT environment is at an all-time low. The landscape is growing and changing in ways we couldn't have imagined. Agents help you see more and solve more problems. It's core to security effectivness now and in the future. Find out why during this talk.

8/6 at 11:15AM

Tenable Customers

Learn how Tenable Customers Exostar and Blackboard "Leveled-up" their IT Security Effectiveness

Rob Sherwood (Exostar): 8/5 at 3:45PM and 5:15PM and 8/6 at 12:15PM

Colin Bitterfield (Blackboard): 8/5 at 1:00PM and 8/6 at 2:45PM