On-Demand Webinar:

Prioritizing Vulnerabilities and Reducing Risk with Nessus Cloud

For many organizations, scanning for vulnerabilities isn’t the hard part – the challenge is knowing which patch to apply as a priority. Walking into an IT admin’s office and dropping a 100 page report of findings on their desk will not make you very popular, nor will it drive the desired outcome of quickly reducing the attack surface available to the attacker.

Nessus Cloud, with its advanced filtering, can quickly help differentiate between the risky vulnerabilities that could lead to data loss and the ones that you consider risk-free, but would like to know about.

Join Gavin Millard, EMEA Technical Director, for an informative 30 minute on-demand webinar where he presents:

  • How to use advanced filtering in Nessus Cloud to identify critical risk information
  • How to understand CVSS scoring and use it to your advantage
  • Where to focus your patching efforts


Gavin Millard

Technical Director, Tenable Network Security

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