Secure your Google Cloud Platform

Get complete visibility of malicious and unauthorized activity

It’s challenging enough to know what is running in your datacenter environment, but if you’re moving your users, applications, and infrastructure to the cloud the complexity increases. Moving workloads to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables business agility, lowers costs and increases innovation--but it also introduces a new layer of security complexity. So how do you ensure that you have complete visibility of your entire IT infrastructure--on-premises and cloud?

Tenable secures Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to help eliminate your security blind spots, whether on the ground or in the cloud. SecurityCenter Continuous View integrates with GCP to enable continuous monitoring of cloud infrastructures, allowing you to know about:

  • Unauthorized and potentially malicious web application scans that are taking place
  • New, existing or unknown hosts that are consuming valuable resources that may impact your business
  • Unauthorized and potentially malicious changes to critical infrastructure in your GCP environment

Because supports both on-premises and Google Cloud Platform deployments, organizations can employ a single technology for monitoring hybrid environments, thereby eliminating the need to buy, deploy and manage multiple tools.

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