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New look for the Nessus Professional and Nessus Manager user interface (UI)

With Nessus 6.11, the Nessus user interface has a new look, with new colors and some changes to where features are accessed. For example, look for the “New Scan” button on the right of your screen.

These changes are intended to make it easier to access capabilities and navigate through the UI. More information about Nessus navigation is available through the on-demand training videos created by the Tenable Customer Education team.

Nessus dashboard
Nessus scan templates

Nessus Agent enhancements (for Nessus Manager customers)

There are a number of recent enhancements to Nessus Agents that improve their performance and usability, including:

  • Nessus Agents now use differential plugin updates to minimize bandwidth usage.
  • Agent group membership can be managed directly from the Agents page, instead of needing to go the Groups page.
  • Agents that haven’t communicated can be automatically unlinked after a configurable period of time, simplifying management of assets that may have been decommissioned or reprovisioned..
  • More information about agent status, as well as attributes like the group, last plugin update, last connection and other details is available.
  • An agent will no longer attempt to scan if it's not able to perform the scan task – for example, if it doesn't have plugins to perform the assigned scan.
  • Users can control when agents update, or turn off agent updates completely, which is useful for those who prefer to use another software package to control the test and rollout process for agents.

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