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PCI DSS Practical Guidelines for Compliance

Security is something you do continuously and diligently; not something you check off on a “to do” list and then sit back and relax. So, why do so many organizations feel that once they’ve passed their PCI compliance criteria for the year; they are done? And they are secure?

The PCI standards are not perfect, but holistically, they are an exacting and comprehensive set of security controls. In fact, they stand up very well as a framework for a comprehensive security program. So where’s the disconnect? Why are so many “compliant” companies experiencing security breaches? And what are some steps you can take to not only achieve compliance, but more importantly, improve security?

Read the ebook “PCI DSS Practical Guidelines for Compliance” to learn more, including the following key topics:

  1. PCI Security – Attitude vs. Compliance
  2. The Truth Behind Three PCI Myths
  3. Five Recommendations for PCI Compliance and Cybersecurity
  4. Best Practices: Keeping Malware Out
  5. Best Practices: Encryption and Tokenization

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