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How To Transform Technical Security Data into Executive-Ready Metrics

To ensure the effectiveness of your IT security program and protect your organization, you need support from the business for investments in people, processes, and technology. Far too often however, business executives get overwhelmed by IT security “geek speak” and tune out when discussing security initiatives. So how can you “prove” the value of your organization’s investment in security — as well as justify required future investments — in a way business executives can understand?

First, you need to start with the basics by defining which security metrics are “right” for your organization — based on your own unique business goals. Next, you have to identify which security data you need to collect. Finally, you need an automated, consistent, reliable way to collect and report on all of this information in a language and with content executives understand. This allows you to show progress, identify gaps, and garner the support you need for additional investments.  

Tenable can help you bridge the communication gap between IT security and the business. Join Tenable experts to learn how you can:

  • Leverage industry expertise to quickly measure security program effectiveness using  ready-made Assurance Report Cards
  • Customize results based on the needs of your organization
  • Present security metrics in ways that are meaningful to business executives
  • Transition your organization from vulnerability management to security assurance


Gavin Millard

Technical Director, EMEA

Kelly Prevett

Product Manager for Security Research

Matthew Alderman

VP of Strategy

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