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Forensics and Incident Response

Forensic Analysis And Incident Response Across The Enterprise

Security analysts are dealing with an increasingly complex threat landscape, and spend too much time jumping between many consoles of many security products to perform security analysis and respond to sophisticated threats.

SecurityCenter™ Continuous View (SC CV) allows instant forensic analysis of complex security data from across the enterprise. Security teams are able to use SC CV to easily integrate disparate security data and correlate data to find crucial clues about suspicious activity. Security analysts can seamlessly traverse across scan, network packet and event log data, correlate it to malicious software detected on assets and other threat intelligence data.

SecurityCenter™ Continuous View provides extremely intuitive analytics, dramatically reducing the time it takes to conduct forensic analysis and hence reducing the potential damage security threats can cause. Using this analytical capability, they can quickly mitigate incidents that may have infiltrated the network

Contextual Filtering

SecurityCenter™ Continuous View Forensic Analysis

Using Tenable SecurityCenter™, you have access to the industry's most comprehensive forensic analysis solution that brings security data together from across your network for easy analysis, including mobile, virtual and cloud resources to your fingerprints with ease.

With SecurityCenter CV Forensic Analysis, you can:

  • Rapidly traverse and gather data from across your network and devices
  • Pivot from one data set to another (e.g. logs to vulnerabilities) with a single click
  • Adjust analysis to custom time frames, network zones or assets
  • Use advanced 3D visualization to assess the security posture in multiple ways as needed
  • Produce comprehensive summary and detail reports on your forensic findings

Automated And Immediate Incident Response

Tenable SecurityCenter CV helps focus your security team's attention on Incident Response and Threat Mitigation.

With SecurityCenter CV, security analysts are able to automate the incident response process and mitigate the threat instantly, preventing threats from causing large scale damage by going unchecked for extended periods of time. SecurityCenter CV can help security analysts:

  • Triage sophisticated threats, malware, botnets and more detected in the enterprise
  • Accelerate the assessment of the true impact of any incident
  • Focus on their areas of responsibility through SC CV's user modeling
  • Quickly manage and understand very large network topologies using "Assets of assets"
  • Dynamically assign critical assets to specific security teams for threat mitigation

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