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Google Chrome < Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host contains a web browser that is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The version of Google Chrome installed on the remote host is earlier than Such versions are potentially affected by multiple vulnerabilities :

- A pop-up blocker bypass. (3275)

- Cross-domain theft due to CSS design error. (9877)

- Browser memory error with stale pop-up block menu. (12523)

- An unspecified error allows XMLHttpRequests to directories. (20450)

- An unspecified error exists related to escaping characters in shortcuts. (23693)

- Renderer memory error exist when drawing on canvases. (8864, 24701, 24646)

- An image decoding memory error. (28566)

- An unspecified error exists, which may result in failure to strip 'Referer'. (29920)

- An unspecified cross-domain access error. (30660)

- An unspecified bitmap deserialization error. (31307)

- An unspecified browser crash related to nested URLs. (31517)


Upgrade to Google Chrome or later.