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AttachmateWRQ Reflection for Secure IT Server < 6.0 Build 24 Multiple Vulnerabilities



The remote host is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The remote host is running AttachmateWRQ Reflection for Secure IT Server, a commercial SSH server for Windows. According to its banner, the installed version of Reflection for Secure IT Server on the remote host suffers from several vulnerabilities, including :

- An Access Restriction Bypass Vulnerability. Access expressions are evaluated in a case-sensitive manner while in versions prior to 6.0 they were case-insensitive. This may let an attacker gain access to an otherwise restricted account by logging in using a variation on the account name.

- A Renamed Account Remote Login Vulnerability. The application continues to accept valid public keys for authentication to the the Administrator or Guest accounts if either has been renamed or disabled after being configured for SSH public key authentication.

- An Information Disclosure Vulnerability. Users with access to the remote host can read the server's private key, which can lead to host impersonation attacks.


Upgrade to version 6.0 build 24 or higher.