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Xoops < 2.0.12 Multiple XSS / SQL Injection



The remote host is vulnerable to multiple attack vectors.


The version of Xoops installed on the remote host is prone to several vulnerabilities :

- A SQL Injection Vulnerability The bundled XMLRPC server fails to sanitize user-supplied input to the 'xmlrpc.php' script. An attacker can exploit this flaw to launch SQL injection attacks that may lead to authentication bypass, disclosure of sensitive information, attacks against the underlying database, and more.

- Multiple Cross-Site Scripting Vulnerabilities An attacker can pass arbitrary HTML and script code through the 'order' and 'cid' parameters of the 'modules/newbb/edit.php' 'modules/repository/comment_edit.php' scripts respectively, which could result in disclosure of administrative session cookies.


Upgrade to version 2.0.12 or higher.