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New in Nessus 6.2

Nessus 6.2, released in January 2015, delivers new capabilities that increase flexibility and improve the experience of using the Nessus vulnerability scanner. This release also adds new platform support.

A complete listing of the new features can be found in the ChangeLog below. Highlights include:

Compliance Check Audit File Management

Users can now download previously uploaded custom audit files when editing an existing policy. This is useful, for example if different Nessus users need to create similar, but slightly different policies. They can now do so without having to manage .audit files outside of their Nessus environment.

Check Point and Blue Coat Compliance Plugin Updates

The compliance plugin for Check Point is updated so it can be used in offline mode. This eliminates the need for Nessus to directly access the firewall as you will upload the configuration and the associated audit file to Nessus. This provides another way to get the same results without having to run Nessus scans against your network devices directly.

In addition, a new plugin is available for Blue Coat that can be used in either online or offline mode.

Altiris Support

Package reporting for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux is now added to Nessus’ Altiris patch management integration, in addition to existing support for Microsoft Windows.

Disable Schedule Scans

Users can now disable a scheduled scan through a simple button on the interface, a quick and easy way to temporarily stop a scheduled scan.

Nessus 6.2 disable scheduled scan

New Search Capability for Credentials and Compliance

A new search box enables quicker search for credential types and available compliance checks when using the scan/policy editor. The pick list options are still available.

Improved Notifications Interface

The notifications interface is enhanced with new graphics, including a color-coded notifications history that makes it easier to review errors or issues related to running scans or scanner configuration.

 Nessus 6.2 notifications

Architecture and Platform Support

Nessus 6.2 includes new architecture and platform support:

  • i386 (32-bit) Linux and Windows platforms
  • Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • Fedora 21


Changelog - 6.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Scans return with "No host data" after a plugin update
  • Blue Coat is missing from the compliance UI
  • Scheduled Jobs are not running, with no indication of failure or why they didn't run.

Changelog - 6.2.0

New Features, Improvements, Platform Support

  • Retrieve an uploaded compliance check audit file
  • BlueCoat and Check Point compliance wizard updates
  • Add package reporting for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SuSE Linux to Altiris PM integration
  • Ability to Disable Scheduled Scans
  • Credential and Compliance search
  • Improved notifications UI
  • Nessus 6 available for i386 (32-bit) architectures
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) support
  • Fedora 21 support
  • There is now one user guide for Nessus and Nessus Enterprise

Bug Fixes

  • Incomplete log message when stopping a scan
  • Bug Report Generator Issues
  • Double upload requests when manually uploading files
  • Incorrect restart reason can show up in logs
  • Bogus scan range causes scanner to scan non-specified targets
  • mkdir crashes on Windows
  • Sorting after search sorts on full data set
  • Scan history is not being purged when scan is deleted
  • Mixed plugin families are not saved correctly when filtering is used
  • Modal Window hangs after deleting a subset of policies
  • Some remote scans are aborted if being started just before a reload of the manager
  • nessuscli fetch --code-in-use writes to the root directory instead of the tmp directory
  • 6.0.X won't automatically update to 6.1.2 on Windows
  • Race condition can allow scanner to set a "done" job back to "completed" and attempt re-processing
  • CentOS RPM depends on KILLALL being installed, which is not a default package in the CentOS7 minimal install
  • Multiscanner use proxy checkbox is not enabling proxy functionality with secondary scanners
  • Attachments in scan results cannot be downloaded
  • Make bug report generator help text clearer
  • Upgrading via MSI makes Nessus unable to be uninstalled or upgraded
  • FortiGate Best Pract check: Error 500 creating advanced policy in both advanced and offline config wizard
  • Various API errors reported on support forums
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