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New in Nessus 6.1

The latest version enables you to reduce your attack surface by enforcing compliance and system hardening policies. Nessus users will more easily be able to create and customize compliance and security policies while also being able to manage scan results, schedules, and policies.

Keeping Nessus v6 up-to-date is now an automated process and provides you with more control over the update process.

Easily integrate Nessus into your existing security processes with a new API, which is fully documented and accessible from within the Nessus UI.

A complete listing of the new features can be found below:

Selective Host Re-Scanning

Once a scan completes, users can select individual hosts and launch a re-scan of all hosts (“Default”), only those hosts selected by the user (“Selected”) or specify a custom list of hosts (“Custom”).

Cisco ISE Integration

This feature will allow users to take mitigation actions against hosts in a given scan utilizing integration with Cisco ISE.

Exporting Scan Results Workflow Improvements

Users can now easily export an Executive Summary of the scan results, or select individual components to export a custom report.

Nessus Scanner Management Overview

A new set of options has been added for easy access to the Nessus scanner settings, including the management of user accounts, other scanners, proxy settings, and defining advanced settings.


Changelog - 6.1.2

  • Nessus 6 long scan names cause export to fail
  • Remote scanner job status race condition on manager reload
  • Offline config audit for fortigate is missing.
  • "undefined variable skipped" message in nessusd.dump
  • CVSS Temporal Vector in downloaded reports is wrong
  • Issues with updates on Windows
  • Remote scanners don't stop scans when job no longer exists on manager
  • Cisco ISE REST calls are incorrect
  • Email report generation can cause 100% cpu and hung the scanner resources
  • Mixed plugin families are not saved correctly when filtering is used
  • SC scans are aborted if Nessus reloads while a scan is running
  • Some remote scans are aborted if being started just before a reload of the manager

Changelog - 6.1.1

  • Show msagent scans in scanner scan list
  • Nessus Scanner managed by SecurityCenter: Settings-Overview shows N/A
  • Cisco ISE requests are still made if no ip address for the host
  • GET /policies/{id} plugins response is incorrect
  • API /scans/import returns id that does not match the id from /scans
  • Edit Password does not check confirm field
  • Users can not edit a vulnerability in host view
  • Internal PCI Policy Template Credentials Not Working
  • Remote scanner upload race condition

Changelog - 6.1.0

  • Nessus Enterprise not allowing LDAP login of added users
  • Windows Installer: Printing the license agreement does not bring up the print dialog.
  • Avoid scanning printers and Novell Netware hosts when the Windows Malware Scan template is used.
  • Mobile View: No SMTP server configured warning does not show
  • Remote scanner fails to upload reports bigger than 2.1G
  • Hydra settings are missing
  • Risk Factor is not included in the dropdown list for email notifications
  • Plugins: When disabling and then enabling a plugin, the plugin family status does not switch from mixed back to enabled
  • Nessus 6 email notifications contain broken links
  • Plugins are not saved correctly when editing an existing advanced scan policy
  • Nessus 5.0 API /plugins/description call is missing in 6.0 API
  • Selecting 100 scans and running then as a user and then logging out the scans do not complete
  • Add File for Upload Targets is absent in IE9
  • Crash when starting a scan
  • Policies are not using global settings
  • help output of nessusd -h and nessus-service -h needs to be differentiated
  • Scan results show Ipv6 address as
  • Invalid xml export from Nessus 6
  • Scheduled scans run from trash

Reducing Your Attack Surface Using Nessus v6 Webcast

Watch this on demand webcast and learn about Nessus v6. Paul Asadoorian, Product Marketing Manager for Nessus, will show you how Nessus v6 helps you simplify the ability to keep your systems hardened against attacks, eases maintenance of multiple scanners, and allows you to extend and integrate Nessus in your environment.

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