SUSE SLED12 / SLES12 Security Update : ldb, samba, talloc, tdb, tevent (SUSE-SU-2015:2304-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2015-2016 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote SUSE host is missing one or more security updates.

Description :

This update for ldb, samba, talloc, tdb, tevent fixes the following
security issues :

- ldb was updated to version 1.1.24.

+ Fix ldap \00 search expression attack dos;
CVE-2015-3223; (bso#11325)

+ Fix remote read memory exploit in ldb; CVE-2015-5330;

+ Move ldb_(un)pack_data into ldb_module.h for testing

+ Fix installation of

+ Fix propagation of ldb errors through tdb

+ Fix bug triggered by having an empty message in database
during search

- Move the ldb-cmdline library to the ldb-tools package as
the packaged binaries depend on it.

- Update the samba library distribution key file
'ldb.keyring'; (bso#945116).

Samba was updated to fix these issues :

- Malicious request can cause samba ldap server to hang,
spinning using cpu; CVE-2015-3223; (bso#11325);

- Remote read memory exploit in ldb; cve-2015-5330;
(bso#11599); (bsc#958586).

- Insufficient symlink verification (file access outside
the share); CVE-2015-5252; (bso#11395); (bsc#958582).

- No man in the middle protection when forcing smb
encryption on the client side; CVE-2015-5296;
(bso#11536); (bsc#958584).

- Currently the snapshot browsing is not secure thru
windows previous version (shadow_copy2); CVE-2015-5299;
(bso#11529); (bsc#958583).

- Fix microsoft ms15-096 to prevent machine accounts from
being changed into user accounts; CVE-2015-8467;
(bso#11552); (bsc#958585).

- Changing log level of two entries to from 1 to 3;

- Vfs_gpfs: re-enable share modes; (bso#11243).

- Wafsamba: also build libraries with relro protection;

- Ctdb: strip trailing spaces from nodes file;

- S3-smbd: fix old dos client doing wildcard delete -
gives a attribute type of zero; (bso#11452).

- Nss_wins: do not run into use after free issues when we
access memory allocated on the globals and the global
being reinitialized; (bso#11563).

- Async_req: fix non-blocking connect(); (bso#11564).

- Auth: gensec: fix a memory leak; (bso#11565).

- Lib: util: make non-critical message a warning;

- Fix winbindd crashes with samlogon for trusted domain
user; (bso#11569); (bsc#949022).

- Smbd: send smb2 oplock breaks unencrypted; (bso#11570).

- Ctdb: open the ro tracking db with perms 0600 instead of
0000; (bso#11577).

- Manpage: correct small typo error; (bso#11584).

- S3: smbd: if ea's are turned off on a share don't allow
an smb2 create containing them; (bso#11589).

- Backport some valgrind fixes from upstream master;

- S3: smbd: have_file_open_below() fails to enumerate open
files below an open directory handle; (bso#11615).

- Docs: fix some typos in the idmap config section of man
5 smb.conf; (bso#11619).

- Cleanup and enhance the pidl sub package.

- S3: smbd: fix our access-based enumeration on 'hide
unreadable' to match Windows; (bso#10252).

- Smbd: fix file name buflen and padding in notify
repsonse; (bso#10634).

- Kerberos: make sure we only use prompter type when
available; (bso#11038).

- S3:ctdbd_conn: make sure we destroy tevent_fd before
closing the socket; (bso#11316).

- Dcerpc.idl: accept invalid dcerpc_bind_nak pdus;

- Fix a deadlock in tdb; (bso#11381).

- S3: smbd: fix mkdir race condition; (bso#11486).

- Pam_winbind: fix a segfault if initialization fails;

- S3: dfs: fix a crash when the dfs targets are disabled;

- S3: smbd: fix opening/creating :stream files on the root
share directory; (bso#11522).

- Net: fix a crash with 'net ads keytab create';

- S3: smbd: fix a crash in unix_convert() and a NULL
pointer bug introduced by previous 'raw' stream fix
(bso#11522); (bso#11535).

- Vfs_fruit: return value of ad_pack in vfs_fruit.c;

- Vfs_commit: set the fd on open before calling
smb_vfs_fstat; (bso#11547).

- Fix bug in smbstatus where the lease info is not
printed; (bso#11549).

- S3:smbstatus: add stream name to share_entry_forall();

- Prevent NULL pointer access in samlogon fallback when
security credentials are null; (bsc#949022).

- Fix 100% cpu in winbindd when logging in with 'user must
change password on next logon'; (bso#11038).

talloc was updated to version 2.1.5; (bsc#954658) (bsc#951660).

+ Test that talloc magic differs between processes.

+ Increment minor version due to added

+ Provide tests access to talloc_magic.

+ Test magic protection measures.

tdb was updated to version 1.3.8; (bsc#954658).

+ First fix deadlock in the interaction between fcntl and
mutex locking; (bso#11381)

+ Improved python3 bindings

+ Fix runtime detection for robust mutexes in the
standalone build; (bso#11326).

+ Possible fix for the build with robust mutexes on
solaris 11; (bso#11319).

+ Abi change: tdb_chainlock_read_nonblock() has been
added, a nonblock variant of tdb_chainlock_read()

+ Do not build test binaries if it's not a standalone

+ Fix cid 1034842 resource leak

+ Fix cid 1034841 resource leak

+ Don't let tdb_wrap_open() segfault with name==null

+ Toos: allow transactions with tdb_mutex_locking

+ Test: add tdb1-run-mutex-transaction1 test

+ Allow transactions on on tdb's with tdb_mutex_locking

+ Test: tdb_clear_if_first | tdb_mutex_locking, o_rdonly
is a valid combination

+ Allow tdb_open_ex() with o_rdonly of
tdb_feature_flag_mutex tdbs.

+ Fix a comment

+ Fix tdb_runtime_check_for_robust_mutexes()

+ Improve wording in a comment

+ Tdb.h needs bool type; obsoletes

+ Tdb_wrap: make mutexes easier to use

+ Tdb_wrap: only pull in samba-debug

+ Tdb_wrap: standalone compile without includes.h

+ Tdb_wrap: tdb_wrap.h doesn't need struct

- Update to version 1.3.1.

+ Tools: fix a compiler warning

+ Defragment the freelist in tdb_allocate_from_freelist()

+ Add 'freelist_size' sub-command to tdbtool

+ Use tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent in tdb_freelist_size()

+ Add tdb_freelist_merge_adjacent()

+ Add utility function check_merge_ptr_with_left_record()

+ Simplify tdb_free() using check_merge_with_left_record()

+ Add utility function check_merge_with_left_record()

+ Improve comments for tdb_free().

+ Factor merge_with_left_record() out of tdb_free()

+ Fix debug message in tdb_free()

+ Reduce indentation in tdb_free() for merging left

+ Increase readability of read_record_on_left()

+ Factor read_record_on_left() out of tdb_free()

+ Build: improve detection of srcdir.

tevent was updated to 0.9.26; (bsc#954658).

+ New tevent_thread_proxy api

+ Minor build fixes

+ Fix compile error in solaris ports backend.

+ Fix access after free in tevent_common_check_signal();

+ Improve pytevent bindings.

+ Testsuite fixes.

+ Improve the documentation of the tevent_add_fd()
assumtions. it must be talloc_free'ed before closing the
fd! (bso##11141); (bso#11316).

+ Ignore unexpected signal events in the same way the
epoll backend does.

+ Update the tevent_data.dox tutrial stuff to fix some
errors, including white space problems.

+ Use tevent_req_simple_recv_unix in a few places.

+ Remove unused exit_code in tevent_select.c

+ Remove unused exit_code in tevent_poll.c

+ Build: improve detection of srcdir

+ Lib: tevent: make tevent_sig_increment atomic.

+ Update flags in tevent pkgconfig file

Note that Tenable Network Security has extracted the preceding
description block directly from the SUSE security advisory. Tenable
has attempted to automatically clean and format it as much as possible
without introducing additional issues.

See also :

Solution :

To install this SUSE Security Update use YaST online_update.
Alternatively you can run the command listed for your product :

SUSE Linux Enterprise Software Development Kit 12 :

zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SDK-12-2015-994=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 :

zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-SERVER-12-2015-994=1

SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 12 :

zypper in -t patch SUSE-SLE-DESKTOP-12-2015-994=1

To bring your system up-to-date, use 'zypper patch'.

Risk factor :

Medium / CVSS Base Score : 6.0
CVSS Temporal Score : 4.4
Public Exploit Available : false

Family: SuSE Local Security Checks

Nessus Plugin ID: 87526 ()

Bugtraq ID:

CVE ID: CVE-2015-3223

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