openSUSE Security Update : firefox / seamonkey / thunderbird (openSUSE-SU-2014:0212-1)

This script is Copyright (C) 2014 Tenable Network Security, Inc.

Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

Mozilla Firefox was updated to version 27. Mozilla SeaMonkey was
updated to 2.24, fixing similar issues as Firefox 27. Mozilla
Thunderbird was updated to 24.3.0, fixing similar issues as Firefox

The Firefox 27 release brings TLS 1.2 support as a major security

It also fixes following security issues :

- MFSA 2014-01/CVE-2014-1477/CVE-2014-1478 Miscellaneous
memory safety hazards (rv:27.0 / rv:24.3)

- MFSA 2014-02/CVE-2014-1479 (bmo#911864) Clone protected
content with XBL scopes

- MFSA 2014-03/CVE-2014-1480 (bmo#916726) UI selection
timeout missing on download prompts

- MFSA 2014-04/CVE-2014-1482 (bmo#943803) Incorrect use of
discarded images by RasterImage

- MFSA 2014-05/CVE-2014-1483 (bmo#950427) Information
disclosure with *FromPoint on iframes

- MFSA 2014-06/CVE-2014-1484 (bmo#953993) Profile path
leaks to Android system log

- MFSA 2014-07/CVE-2014-1485 (bmo#910139) XSLT stylesheets
treated as styles in Content Security Policy

- MFSA 2014-08/CVE-2014-1486 (bmo#942164) Use-after-free
with imgRequestProxy and image proccessing

- MFSA 2014-09/CVE-2014-1487 (bmo#947592) Cross-origin
information leak through web workers

- MFSA 2014-10/CVE-2014-1489 (bmo#959531) Firefox default
start page UI content invokable by script

- MFSA 2014-11/CVE-2014-1488 (bmo#950604) Crash when using
web workers with asm.js

- MFSA 2014-12/CVE-2014-1490/CVE-2014-1491 (bmo#934545,
bmo#930874, bmo#930857) NSS ticket handling issues

- MFSA 2014-13/CVE-2014-1481(bmo#936056) Inconsistent
JavaScript handling of access to Window objects

Mozilla NSS was updated to 3.15.4 :

- required for Firefox 27

- regular CA root store update (1.96)

- Reordered the cipher suites offered in SSL/TLS client
hello messages to match modern best practices.

- Improved SSL/TLS false start. In addition to enabling
the SSL_ENABLE_FALSE_START option, an application must
now register a callback using the
SSL_SetCanFalseStartCallback function.

- When false start is enabled, libssl will sometimes
return unencrypted, unauthenticated data from PR_Recv
(CVE-2013-1740, bmo#919877)

- MFSA 2014-12/CVE-2014-1490/CVE-2014-1491 NSS ticket
handling issues New functionality

- Implemented OCSP querying using the HTTP GET method,
which is the new default, and will fall back to the HTTP
POST method.

- Implemented OCSP server functionality for testing
purposes (httpserv utility).

- Support SHA-1 signatures with TLS 1.2 client

- Added the --empty-password command-line option to
certutil, to be used with -N: use an empty password when
creating a new database.

- Added the -w command-line option to pp: don't wrap long
output lines.

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Solution :

Update the affected firefox / seamonkey / thunderbird packages.

Risk factor :

Critical / CVSS Base Score : 10.0
CVSS Temporal Score : 8.7
Public Exploit Available : false