openSUSE Security Update : java-1_7_0-openjdk (openSUSE-SU-2013:1663-1)

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Synopsis :

The remote openSUSE host is missing a security update.

Description :

Update to icedtea 2.4.3 (bnc#846999) synchronized OpenJDK 7 support
with the upstream u45 b31 fixes the following issues :

- S8006900, CVE-2013-3829: Add new date/time capability

- S8008589: Better MBean permission validation

- S8011071, CVE-2013-5780: Better crypto provider handling

- S8011081, CVE-2013-5772: Improve jhat

- S8011157, CVE-2013-5814: Improve CORBA portablility

- S8012071, CVE-2013-5790: Better Building of Beans

- S8012147: Improve tool support

- S8012277: CVE-2013-5849: Improve AWT DataFlavor

- S8012425, CVE-2013-5802: Transform TransformerFactory

- S8013503, CVE-2013-5851: Improve stream factories

- S8013506: Better Pack200 data handling

- S8013510, CVE-2013-5809: Augment image writing code

- S8013514: Improve stability of cmap class

- S8013739, CVE-2013-5817: Better LDAP resource management

- S8013744, CVE-2013-5783: Better tabling for AWT

- S8014085: Better serialization support in JMX classes

- S8014093, CVE-2013-5782: Improve parsing of images

- S8014098: Better profile validation

- S8014102, CVE-2013-5778: Improve image conversion

- S8014341, CVE-2013-5803: Better service from Kerberos

- S8014349, CVE-2013-5840: (cl) Class.getDeclaredClass
problematic in some class loader configurations

- S8014530, CVE-2013-5825: Better digital signature

- S8014534: Better profiling support

- S8014987, CVE-2013-5842: Augment serialization handling

- S8015614: Update build settings

- S8015731: Subject to

- S8015743, CVE-2013-5774: Address internet addresses

- S8016256: Make finalization final

- S8016653, CVE-2013-5804: javadoc should ignore
ignoreable characters in names

- S8016675, CVE-2013-5797: Make Javadoc pages more robust

- S8017196, CVE-2013-5850: Ensure Proxies are handled

- S8017287, CVE-2013-5829: Better resource disposal

- S8017291, CVE-2013-5830: Cast Proxies Aside

- S8017298, CVE-2013-4002: Better XML support

- S8017300, CVE-2013-5784: Improve Interface

- S8017505, CVE-2013-5820: Better Client Service

- S8019292: Better Attribute Value Exceptions

- S8019617: Better view of objects

- S8020293: JVM crash

- S8021275, CVE-2013-5805: Better screening for ScreenMenu

- S8021282, CVE-2013-5806: Better recycling of object

- S8021286: Improve MacOS resourcing

- S8021290, CVE-2013-5823: Better signature validation

- S8022931, CVE-2013-5800: Enhance Kerberos exceptions

- S8022940: Enhance CORBA translations

- S8023683: Enhance class file parsing

- Backports

- S6614237: missing codepage Cp290 at java runtime

- S8005932: Java 7 on mac os x only provides text
clipboard formats

- S8014046: (process) Runtime.exec(String) fails if
command contains spaces [win]

- S8015144: Performance regression in ICU OpenType Layout

- S8015965: (process) Typo in name of property to allow
ambiguous commands

- S8015978: Incorrect transformation of XPath expression

- S8016357: Update hotspot diagnostic class

- S8019584:
javax/management/remote/mandatory/loading/MissingClassTe failed in nightly against jdk7u45: Invalid notification:

- S8019969:
nioNetworkChannelInet6/SetOptionGetOptionTestInet6 test
case crashes

- S8020032: 7u fastdebug doesn't generate fastdebuginfo

- S8020085: Linux ARM build failure for 7u45

- S8020088: Increment minor version of HSx for 7u45 and
initialize the build number

- S8020551: increment hsx build to b03 for 7u45-b03

- S8020943: Memory leak when GCNotifier uses

- S8021287: Improve MacOS resourcing

- S8021355: REGRESSION: Five closed/java/awt/SplashScreen
tests fail since 7u45 b01 on Linux, Solaris

- S8021360: object not exported' on start of
JMXConnectorServer for RMI-IIOP protocol with security

- S8021366:
java_util/Properties/PropertiesWithOtherEncodings fails
during 7u45 nightly testing

- S8021577: JCK test
ificationInfo/serial/index.html#Input has failed since
jdk 7u45 b01

- S8021899: Re-adjust fix of # 8020498 in 7u45 after
mergeing 7u40

- S8021901: Increment hsx build to b05 for 7u45-b05

- S8021933: Add extra check for fix # JDK-8014530

- S8021969: The index_AccessAllowed jnlp can not load
successfully with exception thrown in the log.

- S8022066: Evaluation of method reference to signature
polymorphic method crashes VM

- S8022086: Fixing licence of newly added files

- S8022254: Remove incorrect jdk7u45-b05 tag from
jdk7u-cpu forest

- S8022661: InetAddress.writeObject() performs flush() on
object output stream

- S8022682: Supporting XOM

- S8022808: Kitchensink hangs on macos

- S8022856: 7u45 l10n resource file translation update

- S8023323: Increment hsx build to b06 for 7u45-b08

- S8023457: Event based tracing framework needs a mutex
for thread groups

- S8023478: Test fails with HS crash in GCNotifier.

- S8023741: Increment hsx 24.45 build to b07 for 7u45-b09

- S8023771: when USER_RELEASE_SUFFIX is set in order to
add a string to java -version, build number in the
bundles names should not be changed to b00

- S8023888: Increment hsx 24.45 build to b08 for 7u45-b10

- S8023964: java/io/IOException/
should be @ignore-d

- S8024369: Increment build # of hs24.0 to b57 for
7u40-b61 psu

- S8024668:
JCK-runtime test fails with 7u45 b11

- S8024697: Fix for 8020983 causes Xcheck:jni warnings

- S8024863: X11: Support GNOME Shell as mutter

- S8024883: (se) SelectableChannel.register throws NPE if
fd >= 64k (lnx)

- S8025128: File.createTempFile fails if prefix is
absolute path

- S8025170: jdk7u51 7u-1-prebuild is failing since 9/19

- Bug fixes

- PR1400: Menu of maximized AWT window not working in Mate

- Update to icedtea 2.4.2

- System LCMS 2 support again enabled by default,
requiring 2.5 or above.

- OpenJDK

- S7122222: GC log is limited to 2G for 32-bit

- S7162400: Intermittent Bad file
number during HotSpotVirtualMachine.executeCommand

- S7165807: Non optimized initialization of NSS crypto
library leads to scalability issues

- S7199324: IPv6: JMXConnectorServer.getConnectionIDs()
return IDs contradicting to address grammar

- S8001345: VM crashes with assert(n->outcnt() != 0 ||
C->top() == n || n->is_Proj()) failed: No dead
instructions after post-alloc

- S8001424: G1: Rename certain G1-specific flags

- S8001425: G1: Change the default values for certain G1
specific flags

- S8004859: Graphics.getClipBounds/getClip return
difference nonequivalent bounds, depending from

- S8005019: JTable passes row index instead of length when
inserts selection interval

- S8005194: [parfait] #353
sun/awt/image/jpeg/imageioJPEG.c Memory leak of pointer
'scale' allocated with calloc()

- S8006941: [macosx] Deadlock in drag and drop

- S8007898: Incorrect optimization of Memory Barriers in

- S8009168: syntax issue

- S8009985: [parfait] Uninitialised variable at

- S8011064: Some tests have failed with SIGSEGV on
arm-hflt on build b82

- S8011569: ARM -- avoid native stack walking

- S8011760: assert(delta != 0) failed: dup pointer in

- S8012144: multiple SIGSEGVs fails on staxf

- S8012156: tools/javac/file/zip/ fails for

- S8012241: NMT huge memory footprint, it usually leads to

- S8012366: Fix for 8007815 breaks down when only building
OpenJDK (without deploy and install forests)

- S8013546: compiler/8011901/ fails with
CompilationError: Compilation failed

- S8013719: Increment build # of hs23.21 to b02

- S8013791: G1: G1CollectorPolicy::initialize_flags() may
set min_alignment > max_alignment

- S8014264: The applet pathguy_TimeDead throws
java.lang.NullPointerException in java console once
click drop-down check box.

- S8014312: Fork hs23.25 hsx from hs23.21 for jdk7u25 and
reinitialize build number

- S8014805: NPE is thrown during certpath validation if
certificate does not have AuthorityKeyIdentifier

- S8014850: Third-Party License Readme updates for 7u40

- S8014925: Disable
sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerClass(int) with a
temporary switch to re-enable it

- S8015237: Parallelize string table scanning during
strong root processing

- S8015411: Bump the hsx build number for 7u21-b50 for

- S8015441: runThese crashed with assert(opcode == Op_ConP
|| opcode == Op_ThreadLocal || opcode == Op_CastX2P ..)
failed: sanity

- S8015576: CMS: svc agent throws
java.lang.RuntimeException: No type named 'FreeList' in

- S8015668: overload resolution: performance regression in

- S8015884: runThese crashed with SIGSEGV, hs_err has an
error instead of stacktrace

- S8016074: NMT: assertion failed:
assert(thread->thread_state() == from) failed: coming
from wrong thread state

- S8016102: Increment build # of hs23.25 to b02 for
7u25-b31 psu

- S8016131: nsk/sysdict/vm/stress/chain tests crash the VM
in 'entry_frame_is_first()'

- S8016133: Regression: diff. behavior with user-defined

- S8016157: During CTW: C2:
assert(!def_outside->member(r)) failed: Use of external
LRG overlaps the same LRG defined in this block

- S8016331: Minor issues in event tracing metadata

- S8016648: FEATURE_SECURE_PROCESSING set to true or false
causes SAXParseException to be thrown

- S8016734: Remove extra code due to duplicated push

- S8016737: After clicking on 'Print UNCOLLATED' button,
the print out come in order 'Page 1', 'Page 2', 'Page 1'

- S8016740: assert in GC_locker from PSOldGen::expand with
-XX:+PrintGCDetails and Verbose

- S8016767: Provide man pages generated from DARB for

- S8017070: G1: assert(_card_counts[card_num] <=
G1ConcRSHotCardLimit) failed

- S8017159: Unexclude sun/tools/JMAP/ test

- S8017173: XMLCipher with RSA_OAEP Key Transport
algorithm can't be instantiated

- S8017174: NPE when using Logger.getAnonymousLogger or

- S8017189: [macosx] AWT program menu disabled on Mac

- S8017252: new hotspot build - hs24-b51

- S8017478: Kitchensink crashed with SIGSEGV in

- S8017483: G1 tests fail with native OOME on Solaris x86
after HeapBaseMinAddress has been increased

- S8017510: Add a regression test for 8005956

- S8017566: Backout 8000450 - Cannot access to

- S8017588: SA: jstack -l throws UnalignedAddressException
while attaching to core file for java that was started
with CMS GC

- S8019155: Update makefiles with correct jfr packages

- S8019201: Regression: java.awt.image.ConvolveOp throws

- S8019236: [macosx] Add javadoc to the
handleWindowFocusEvent in CEmbeddedFrame

- S8019265: [macosx] apple.laf.useScreenMenuBar regression
comparing with jdk6

- S8019298: new hotspot build - hs24-b52

- S8019381: HashMap.isEmpty is non-final, potential issues
for get/remove

- S8019541: 7u40 l10n resource file translation update

- S8019587: [macosx] Possibility to set the same frame for
the different screens

- S8019625: Test compiler/8005956/
timeouts on Solaris SPARCs

- S8019628: [macosx]
InputTest.html failed since 7u40b30 on MacOS

- S8019826: Test
ava fails with NPE

- S8019933: new hotspot build - hs24-b53

- S8019979: Replace CheckPackageAccess test with better
one from closed repo

- S8020038: [macosx] Incorrect usage of invokeLater() and
likes in callbacks called via JNI from AppKit thread

- S8020054: (tz) Support tzdata2013d

- S8020155: PSR:PERF G1 not collecting old regions when
humongous allocations interfer

- S8020215: Different execution plan when using JIT vs

- S8020228: Restore the translated version of

- S8020298: [macosx] Incorrect merge in the lwawt code

- S8020319: Update Japanese man pages for 7u40

- S8020371: [macosx] applets with Drag and Drop fail with

- S8020381: new hotspot build - hs24-b54

- S8020425: Product options incorrectly removed in minor

- S8020430: NullPointerException in xml sqe nightly result
on 2013-07-12

- S8020433: Crash when using -XX:+RestoreMXCSROnJNICalls

- S8020498: Crash when both and are

- S8020525: Increment build # of hs23.25 to b03 for
7u25-b34 psu

- S8020547: Event based tracing needs a UNICODE string

- S8020625: [TESTBUG]
java/util/HashMap/ doesn't compile
for jdk7u

- S8020701: Avoid crashes in WatcherThread

- S8020796: new hotspot build - hs24-b55

- S8020811: [macosx] Merge fault 7u25-7u40: Missed focus
fix JDK-8012330

- S8020940: Valid OCSP responses are rejected for
backdated enquiries

- S8020983: OutOfMemoryError caused by non garbage
collected JPEGImageWriter Instances

- S8021008: Provide java and jcmd man pages for Mac

- S8021148: Regression in SAXParserImpl in 7u40 b34 (NPE)

- S8021353: Event based tracing is missing thread exit

- S8021381: JavaFX scene included in Swing JDialog not
starting from Web Start

- S8021565: new hotspot build - hs24-b56

- S8021771: warning stat64 is deprecated - when building
on OSX 10.7.5

- S8021946: Disabling
sun.reflect.Reflection.getCallerCaller(int) by default
breaks several frameworks and libraries

- S8022548: SPECJVM2008 has errors introduced in 7u40-b34

- S8023751: Need to backout 8020943, was pushed to hs24
without approval

- S8024914: Swapped usage of idx_t and bm_word_t types in

- New features

- RH991170: java does not use correct kerberos credential

- PR1536: Allow use of system Kerberos to obtain cache

- PR1551: Add build support for Zero AArch64

- PR1552: Add -D_LITTLE_ENDIAN for ARM architectures.

- PR1553: Add Debian AArch64 support

- PR1554: Fix build on Mac OS X

- Bug fixes

- RH661505: JPEGs with sRGB IEC61966-2.1 color profiles
have wrong colors

- RH995488: Java thinks that the default timezone is
Busingen instead of Zurich

- Cleanup file resources properly in TimeZone_md.

- PR1410: Icedtea 2.3.9 fails to build using icedtea

- G477456: emerge fails on pax system: java attempts RWX
map, paxctl -m missing

- G478484: patches/boot/ecj-diamond.patch FAILED

- Fix Zero following changes to entry_frame_call_wrapper
in 8016131

- Set ZERO_BUILD in flags.make so it is set on rebuilds

- Cast should use same type as GCDrainStackTargetSize

- Add casts to fix build on S390

- JamVM

- JSR292: Invoke Dynamic

- sun.misc.Unsafe: additional methods get/putAddress:
allows JamVM with OpenJDK 7/8 to run recent versions of

- FreeClassData: adjust method count for Miranda methods

- Patches changes (mostly sync with Fedora)

- removed java-1.7.0-openjdk-arm-fixes.patch, fixed

- removed java-1.7.0-openjdk-fork.patch, fixed upstream

- renamed java-1.7.0-openjdk-bitmap.patch to

- renamed java-1.7.0-openjdk-size_t.patch to

- added PStack-808293.patch

- added RH661505-toBeReverted.patch

- added abrt_friendly_hs_log_jdk7.patch

- added gstackbounds.patch

- added java-1.7.0-openjdk-freetype-check-fix.patch

- added pulse-soundproperties.patch

- added rhino.patch

- added zero-entry_frame_call_wrapper.patch

- added zero-gcdrainstacktargetsize.patch

- added zero-zero_build.patch

See also :

Solution :

Update the affected java-1_7_0-openjdk packages.

Risk factor :

Critical / CVSS Base Score : 10.0