Plugins: Denial of Service

Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Management Interface Remote DoS (PAN-SA-2016-0027)

Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Management Interface API Remote DoS (PAN-SA-2016-0008)

Libssh ssh_packet_kexinit() Double-free Memory DoS

Apache Struts ClassLoader Manipulation

Apache Struts 2 ClassLoader Manipulation Incomplete Fix for Security Bypass

Splunk Enterprise 6.x < 6.0.1 Malformed Packet DoS

OpenSSH LoginGraceTime / MaxStartups DoS

Ekiga < 4.0.1 ptlib XML Expansion Recursion DoS

Ekiga < 4.0.0 Invalid UTF-8 Character Connection Data Parsing DoS

Asterisk SIP Channel Driver Uninitialized Variable Request Parsing DoS (AST-2011-012)

Asterisk Multiple Channel Drivers Denial of Service (AST-2011-008 / AST-2011-009 / AST-2011-010)

Asterisk SIP Channel Driver Denial of Service (AST-2011-007)

Asterisk Multiple Vulnerabilities (AST-2011-005 / AST-2011-006)

Asterisk Multiple Denial of Service Vulnerabilities (AST-2011-003 / AST-2011-004)

memcached No Newline Memory Consumption DoS

OpenSSH With OpenPAM DoS

Novell eDirectory < 8.8.5 ftf1/ ftf2 NULL Base DN DoS

Asterisk IAX2 Call Number Exhaustion DoS

Sun Java System Directory Server 6.x < 6.3.1 LDAP JDBC Backend DoS

MailEnable IMAP Connection Saturation Remote DoS (ME-10042)

Asterisk IAX2 (IAX) POKE Request Saturation Resource Exhaustion Remote DoS

Asterisk IAX2 FWDOWNL Request Spoofing Remote DoS

Asterisk IAX2 Multiple Method Handshake Spoofing DoS

Novell eDirectory Host Environment Service (dhost.exe) HTTP Connection Header DoS

Veritas Storage Foundation Multiple Service Remote DoS (SYM08-004)

Openfire < 3.5.0 Queue Handling Remote DoS

Solaris 10 ICMP Packet Handling DoS

IBM Lotus Domino < 7.0.2 FP3 Unspecified DoS

Rendezvous < 8.0.0 Crafted Packet Remote DoS

Linux Kernel Netfilter *_conntrack_proto_sctp.c sctp_new Function Unknown Chunk Type Remote DoS

F-Secure Policy Manager Server fsmsh.dll module DoS

Kerio MailServer < 6.3.1 Long LDAP Query DoS

OpenLDAP SASL authcid Name BIND Request DoS

ISC DHCP Server supersede_lease() Function DHCPDISCOVER Packet DoS

Linux SCTP ECNE Chunk Handling Remote DoS

Linux SCTP Functionality Multiple Remote DoS

Jabber Studio jabberd SASL Negotiation Remote DoS

Kerio MailServer IMAP Server Crafted LOGIN Command DoS

Dropbear SSH Authorization-pending Connection Saturation DoS

FreeBSD nfsd Malformed NFS Mount Request Remote DoS

BlackBerry Enterprise Server Crafted SRP Packet Remote DoS

IBM Tivoli Directory Server LDAP Packet Handling DoS

Lotus Domino LDAP Server Crafted Packet Remote DoS

Sun ONE Directory Server LDAP Malformed Packet DoS

CA Multiple Products Message Queuing Multiple Remote DoS

Network Block Device (NBD) Server Request Handling Remote Overflow

Macromedia Flash Media Server Administration Service Crafted Packet Remote DoS

Linux SCTP ICMP Packet Handling Null Dereference Remote DoS

Ventrilo Server Malformed Status Query Remote DoS

Zebedee Malformed Protocol Option Header Port 0 Remote DoS

BNBT EasyTracker Malformed GET Request Remote DoS

Allegro Software RomPager 2.10 Malformed Authentication Request DoS

Kerio MailServer < 6.0.10 Multiple Mail Handling DoS

Kerio MailServer Webmail Malformed Email Handling Resource Exhaustion DoS

OpenSSH < 5.9 Multiple DoS

OpenSSH < 3.6.1p2 Multiple Vulnerabilities

ipsec-tools KAME racoon Daemon ISAKMP Header Parsing Remote DoS

LSH lshd parse_kexinit() Function Malformed Key Exchange Message Remote DoS

Network Service Malformed Data Remote DoS

up-imapproxy IMAP Proxy IMAP_Line_Read() Function Literal Size DoS

LANDesk idsintkm.dll Multiple Port Connection Remote DoS

Helix Universal Server Remote Integer Handling DoS

Samba < 3.0.7 Multiple Remote DoS

Samba smbd FindNextPrintChangeNotify() Request Remote DoS

Multiple IRC Client Non-registered User parse_client_queued Saturation DoS

Linux 2.6 Netfilter TCP Option Matching DoS

TCP/IP Sequence Prediction Blind Reset Spoofing DoS

Helix RealServer HTTP GET Request DoS

Kame Racoon Invalid Cookie Handling Remote DoS

GameSpy SDK Malformed \query\ Request Overflow DoS

NIPrint LPD-LPR Print Server String Handling Remote Overflow

Quagga / Zebra Malformed Telnet Command Denial of Service

TCP/IP Ping of Death Remote DoS (jolt)

TCP/IP IP Fragmentation Remote DoS (jolt2)

TCP/IP Multicast Address Handling Remote DoS (spank.c)

Linux 2.4 NFSv3 knfsd Malformed GETATTR Request Remote DoS

Cajun Switch Negative Integer Handling Remote DoS

Lotus Domino /./ Request Database Locking DoS

Mac OS X Directory Service Connection Saturation Remote DoS

l2tpd Malformed Data Remote DoS

3com RAS 1500 / Wyse Winterm Malformed Packet Remote DoS

GameSpy 3D Based Games Spoofed UDP Response Amplification DDoS

Network Service Long Line Handling Remote DoS

AppSocket Half-open Connection Remote DoS

IPSEC Server ISAKMP Implementation Malformed IKE Request Remote DoS

Marconi ASX-1000 Switches Multiple Interface Malformed Packet DoS

SuSE Linux in.identd Request Saturation DoS

RealServer Malformed viewsource Directory Request DoS

NAI PGP Certificate Server Unresolvable IP DoS

Cassandra NNTP Server Login Name Remote Overflow DoS

RealServer Port 7070 Malformed Input DoS

AVM KEN! ISDN Proxy Server Malformed Request Remote DoS

Multiple Vendor Out Of Band Data DoS (WinNuke)

TCP/IP IP Fragment Re-Assembly Remote DoS (teardrop)

TCP/IP 'Chorusing' Windows DoS

Solaris ^D Character Remote Telnet Service DoS

TCP/IP ACK Packet Saturation Remote DoS (stream.c)

RealServer Long ramgen Request Remote DoS

Livingston PortMaster ComOS Malformed Packet Remote DoS

TCP/IP IGMP Overlap Remote DoS (pimp)

TCP/IP Fragmentation DoS (nestea)

Linux 2.1.89 - 2.2.3 IP Fragmenting Functionality 0 Length Fragment Handling Remote DoS

TCP/IP SYN Loopback Request Remote DoS (land.c)

3Com HiPer Access Router Card (HiperARC) IAC Packet Flood DoS

Eicon Technology Diva LAN ISDN Modem login.htm Long password Field DoS

Chargen UDP Service Remote DoS

TCP/IP IP Fragmentation Remote DoS (bonk)

+ + + ATH0 Modem Hang Up String Remote DoS

Ascend MAX / Pipeline Router Discard Port Malformed Packet DoS

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