GovEdge 2018 - Cyber Exposure for the Modern Era

Closing the Cyber Exposure Gap: Protecting Critical Infrastructure


With critical infrastructure a growing target of nation-state and other adversaries, the nation’s vital production assets fall into a widening Cyber Exposure gap, with the risk poorly understood. Safe, non-intrusive monitoring and analysis are key to understanding and managing the Cyber Exposure affecting our critical infrastructure. In this session, senior Security officials from agencies overseeing the nation’s infrastructure will discuss how continuous asset discovery and vulnerability detection are being used to close the Cyber Exposure gap, support IT and OT security, and protect our most critical networks and production assets.

Session Speakers

Eitan Goldstein [moderator]
Director, Industrial Cyber and Digital Security
Deputy Director, Cyber Threat Detection and Analysis
National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC)
Department of Homeland Security
Control Systems Cybersecurity
Office of the Secretary of Defense
Chief Technology Officer
Senior Advisor to the Secretary for Cybersecurity
Department of Energy