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Paul Asadoorian Speaking at NolaCon 2014

NolaCon 2014 Registration

June 21, 2014
In this talk I will quickly bring you up to speed on the history of embedded device insecurity. Next, we will look at a real-world example or two of how devices are exploited (And attackers profited). Finally, you will learn what we can do to help fix these problems and push the industry for a much higher level of security for devices affecting our daily lives. You may have heard about a threat, one that has plagued our networks for well over a decade. A problem so ubiquitous, it can't be ignored. Yet, this threat has a history of hiding in plain sight. Users are, for the most part, unaware of the dangers. Security researchers and the media have attempted to highlight this problem for years. However, vendors and users are still very much at risk and the problem is still largely being ignored by the masses. Weaknesses in the implementations of consumer devices still persist. The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to makes our lives better, yet there is still no foundation for security controls on the devices that allow us to access the Internet, listen to music, watch television, control the temperature in our homes and more. The goal of this talk is to enable the audience to help raise awareness and influence the security of embedded systems in a positive way.


500 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70130

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