Compliance Checks Tools

Name Description Details
Tenable Blog The Tenable Blog routinely discusses techniques and strategies to measure compliance.
Nessus Compliance Checks This paper discuses what sort of configuration parameters and sensitive data can be audited for, how to configure Nessus to perform these audits and how Tenable's SecurityCenter can be used to manage and automate this process. There is also information on how to use the various tools available to create audit policies.
Master Audit File Index Master list of all available audit files.
xTool SCAP Assessments This paper describes performing certified SCAP content audits using the xTool, which is only available for SecurityCenter users. The xTool can be downloaded from the SecurityCenter download page.
Compliance Checks FAQ This FAQ covers various questions with regards to the policy compliance checks in Nessus.
Nessus Compliance Checks Reference This paper discusses the Nessus compliance language syntax and provides multiple examples for those wishing to write their own .audit files.