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Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 179 - "IPv6, IPMI, Prioritizing Vulnerabilities"

Welcome to the Tenable Network Security Podcast Episode 179


Discussion & Highlighted Plugins

  • IPMI Detection - The embedded systems inside your servers used to manage the hardware use IPMI. Nessus and PVS contain checks for this protocol. Dan Farmer has released v2 of his paper detailing several vulnerabilities.
  • IPv6 SLAAC attack - Ron Gula wrote a blog post on this topic. Nessus supports discovery of IPv6 interfaces during IPv4 scans. If you have IPv6 connectivity supported on an IPv4 network, you are likely vulnerable to SLAAC attacks unless you have layered firewalls and routers that prevent IPv6 communication.
  • The Power of Powershell - We recently released an update to the configuration auditing functionality of Nessus to include the ability to run a full Powershell script. Powershell is an extremely useful way to get even more information from Windows hosts. Previously Nessus users were limited to running a single command. By encoding your Powershell script, you can now write more complex scripts that use variables and logic to pull settings and information from your hosts. What are some use cases for this functionality?
  • Keeping Up with Vulnerabilities - Reviewing new vulnerabilities is a weekly, sometimes daily, task for many (including myself). I often wonder about prioritization. With so many vulnerabilities being released each week, how do we maintain a patch management program to keep up? For example, I was reviewing the Junos SSL VPN XSS vulnerability. Not much information is provided. The impact is listed as "low", but curiosity gets the better of me, and I wonder why. Now, its just listed as XSS, not qualified whether or not it is stored or reflective. The user must be logged in. The parameter is in the help section of the application. There is no telling just how many characters we have to implement an attack script. Short of trying to exploit it yourself, how do you prioritize this vulnerability and hundred like it?

New & Notable Plugins


Passive Vulnerability Scanner

Tenable Compliance Checks

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