Monterey - Prevent Software From Executing at Higher Privilege Levels than Users Executing The Software


In certain situations, software applications/programs need to execute with elevated privileges to perform required functions. However, if the privileges required for execution are at a higher level than the privileges assigned to organizational users invoking such applications/programs, those users are indirectly provided with greater privileges than assigned by the organizations.Some programs and processes are required to operate at a higher privilege level and therefore should be excluded from the organization-defined software list after review.

The inherent configuration of the macOS does not allow for non-privileged users to be able to execute functions requiring privilege.



The technology inherently meets this requirement. No fix is required.

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References: 800-53|AC-6(8), CCE|CCE-90977-0, CCI|CCI-002233

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: d7fde880eb335d1209e27f271ce08620ce0aaa704aad1b5a06169c6020bc4963