Adjust memory quotas for a process


Adjust memory quotas for a process

This privilege determines who can change the maximum memory that can be consumed by a process.

This user right is defined in the Default Domain Controller Group Policy object (GPO) and in the local security policy of workstations and servers.

Note: This privilege is useful for system tuning, but it can be misused, for example, in a denial-of-service attack.

Default: Administrators
Local Service
Network Service.


Policy Path: Local Policies\User Rights Assignment
Policy Name: Adjust memory quotas for a process

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References: 800-53|AC-6(7)(b), CSCv6|5.1

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 4ce4a1aa6f785ce165fedb3e52aeaf0125f5fac1ed63d441ab659e4d7882b8d0