VCWN-06-000024 - The system must ensure the vpxuser password meets length policy.


The vpxuser password default length is 32 characters. Ensure this setting meets site policies; if not, configure to meet password length policies. Longer passwords make brute-force password attacks more difficult. The vpxuser password is added by vCenter, meaning no manual intervention is normally required. The vpxuser password length must never be modified to less than the default length of 32 characters.


From the vSphere Web Client go to vCenter Inventory Lists >> vCenter Servers >> Select your vCenter Server >> Manage >> Settings >> Advanced Settings. Click Edit and edit the config.vpxd.hostPasswordLength setting to 32 or if the value does not exist create it by entering the values in the Key and Value fields and clicking Add.


From a PowerCLI command prompt while connected to the vCenter server run the following command:

If the setting already exists:

Get-AdvancedSetting -Entity <vcenter server name> -Name config.vpxd.hostPasswordLength | Set-AdvancedSetting -Value 32

If the setting does not exist:

New-AdvancedSetting -Entity <vcenter server name> -Name config.vpxd.hostPasswordLength -Value 32

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References: 800-53|CM-6b., CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000366, Group-ID|V-63985, Rule-ID|SV-78475r1_rule, STIG-ID|VCWN-06-000024, Vuln-ID|V-63985

Plugin: VMware

Control ID: e89c0fae02f12a4b98115e60b7a1d71f03a894ef5b12f5e6c42e11e689e0cba9