SLES-12-010375 - The SUSE operating system must restrict access to the kernel message buffer.

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Restricting access to the kernel message buffer limits access only to root. This prevents attackers from gaining additional system information as a nonprivileged user.


Configure the operating system to restrict access to the kernel message buffer.

Set the system to the required kernel parameter by adding or modifying the following line in /etc/sysctl.conf or a config file in the /etc/sysctl.d/ directory:

kernel.dmesg_restrict = 1

Remove any configurations that conflict with the above from the following locations:

Reload settings from all system configuration files with the following command:

$ sudo sysctl --system

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References: CAT|III, CCI|CCI-001090, Rule-ID|SV-255915r880928_rule, STIG-ID|SLES-12-010375, Vuln-ID|V-255915

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 5fb6989e7a388ea1c2bcaf694f7555574dc0b779d5aa9936288c1cc83a116ac6