WBLC-01-000013 - Oracle WebLogic must ensure remote sessions for accessing security functions and security-relevant information are audited.


Auditing must be utilized in order to track system activity, assist in diagnosing system issues and provide evidence needed for forensic investigations post security incident.

Remote access by administrators requires that the admin activity be audited.

Application servers provide a web- and command line-based remote management capability for managing the application server. Application servers must ensure that all actions related to administrative functionality such as application server configuration are logged.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


1. Access EM
2. Select the domain from the navigation tree, and use the dropdown to select 'WebLogic Domain' -> 'Security' -> 'Audit Policy'
3. Select 'Oracle Platform Security Services' from the 'Audit Component Name' dropdown
4. Beneath 'Audit Policy Settings' section, select 'Custom' from the 'Audit Level' dropdown
5. Once it is enabled, click the 'Audit All Events' button and ensure every checkbox is selected under the 'Select For Audit' column of the policy category table. Click 'Apply'

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