OL08-00-010150 - OL 8 operating systems booted with a BIOS must require authentication upon booting into single-user and maintenance modes.


If the system does not require valid authentication before it boots into single-user or maintenance mode, anyone who invokes single-user or maintenance mode is granted privileged access to all files on the system. GRUB 2 is the default boot loader for OL 8 and is designed to require a password to boot into single-user mode or modify the boot menu.


Configure the system to require a grub bootloader password for the grub superusers account with the grub2-setpassword command, which creates/overwrites the '/boot/grub2/user.cfg' file.

Generate an encrypted grub2 password for the grub superusers account with the following command:

$ sudo grub2-setpassword
Enter password:
Confirm password:

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References: 800-53|AC-3, CAT|I, CCI|CCI-000213, Rule-ID|SV-248540r779186_rule, STIG-ID|OL08-00-010150, Vuln-ID|V-248540

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 20e04d970df2f0a505a2cfbdaaa3d0e906c5102d55e10f544eea75553999b01a