OL07-00-010119 - The Oracle Linux operating system must be configured so that when passwords are changed or new passwords are established, pwquality must be used.

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Use of a complex password helps to increase the time and resources required to compromise the password. Password complexity, or strength, is a measure of the effectiveness of a password in resisting attempts at guessing and brute-force attacks. 'pwquality' enforces complex password construction configuration and has the ability to limit brute-force attacks on the system.

Satisfied: SRG-OS-000480-GPOS-00229, SRG-OS-000069-GPOS-00037


Configure the operating system to use 'pwquality' to enforce password complexity rules.

Add the following line to '/etc/pam.d/system-auth' (or modify the line to have the required value):

password requisite pam_pwquality.so retry=3

Note: The value of 'retry' should be between '1' and '3'.

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References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000192, Rule-ID|SV-221668r902779_rule, STIG-ID|OL07-00-010119, STIG-Legacy|SV-108181, STIG-Legacy|V-99077, Vuln-ID|V-221668

Plugin: Unix

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