O365-CO-000015 - Consistent MIME handling must be enabled for all Office 365 ProPlus programs - mspub.exe

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Encryption is only as good as the encryption modules utilized. Unapproved cryptographic module algorithms cannot be verified and cannot be relied on to provide confidentiality or integrity, and DoD data may be compromised due to weak algorithms. The use of TLS provides confidentiality of data in transit between the application server and client. FIPS 140-2 approved TLS versions include TLS V1.0 or greater.

TLS must be enabled and non-FIPS-approved SSL versions must be disabled. NIST SP 800-52 specifies the preferred configurations for government systems.


Set the policy value for Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> Microsoft Office 2016 (Machine) >> Security Settings >> IE Security 'Consistent Mime Handling' to 'Enabled' and select the check boxes for all installed Office programs.

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References: CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000803, Rule-ID|SV-223297r822338_rule, STIG-ID|O365-CO-000015, STIG-Legacy|SV-108773, STIG-Legacy|V-99669, Vuln-ID|V-223297

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 41536d88c5eaf214dd34b3d2c41739468fe5ab757718155d567db05461fc294e