JRE8-WN-000160 - Oracle JRE 8 must lock the option to enable users to check publisher certificates for revocation - eployment.security.revocation.check.locked


Certificates may be revoked due to improper issuance, compromise of the certificate, and failure to adhere to policy. Therefore, any certificate found revoked on a CRL or via Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) should not be trusted. Permitting execution of an applet published with a revoked certificate may result in spoofing, malware, system modification, invasion of privacy, and denial of service.

Ensuring users cannot change these settings assures a more consistent security profile.


If the system is on the SIPRNet, this requirement is NA.

Navigate to the system-level 'deployment.properties' file for JRE.

The location of the deployment.properties file is defined in <JRE Installation Directory>\Lib\deployment.config

Add the key 'deployment.security.revocation.check=ALL_CERTIFICATES' to the deployment.properties file.

Add the key 'deployment.security.revocation.check.locked' to the deployment.properties file.

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References: 800-53|IA-5(2)(d), CAT|II, CCI|CCI-001991, Rule-ID|SV-234695r617446_rule, STIG-ID|JRE8-WN-000160, STIG-Legacy|SV-81213, STIG-Legacy|V-66723, Vuln-ID|V-234695

Plugin: Windows

Control ID: 0e9e8af550ae4d059a2b8477f11240ffd7ca6272a56dbc12d3578c2c49e5329d