GOOG-10-000200 - Google Android 10 must be configured to not allow passwords that include more than two repeating or sequential characters - Type


Password strength is a measure of the effectiveness of a password in resisting guessing and brute force attacks. Passwords that contain repeating or sequential characters are significantly easier to guess than those that do not contain repeating or sequential characters. Therefore, disallowing repeating or sequential characters increases password strength and decreases risk. The numeric (complex) setting allows the use of a numeric only keyboard for passwords plus enforces the repeating or sequential characters limitation.



Configure the Google Android device to prevent passwords from containing more than two repeating or sequential characters.

On the MDM console:
1. Open password requirements.
2. Open device password section.
3. Set password quality to 'Numeric (Complex)'.

Note: Alphabetic, Alphanumeric, and Complex are also acceptable selections but these selections will cause the user to select a complex password, which is not required by the STIG.

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References: 800-53|CM-6b., CAT|II, CCI|CCI-000366, Rule-ID|SV-108027r1_rule, STIG-ID|GOOG-10-000200, Vuln-ID|V-98923

Plugin: MDM

Control ID: efd1def556dda673431a3fd21d4eef7d1ee30bdf3402641a18bc6e1cc44836d6