EP11-00-006100 - Access to database files must be limited to relevant processes and to authorized, administrative users.


Applications, including DBMSs, must prevent unauthorized and unintended information transfer via shared system resources. Permitting only DBMS processes and authorized, administrative users to have access to the files where the database resides helps ensure that those files are not shared inappropriately and are not open to backdoor access and manipulation.


If the postgresql data directory and its contents are not owned by the database service account or other user as documented and approved in the system documentation, change ownership to an authorized user.

Modify permissions on the data directory and its contents to meet the requirement to protect against unauthorized access.

This may be done using Windows Explorer:
Browse to the directory where the EDB audit directory folder is located.
Select and right-click on the folder, select 'Properties', and select the 'Security' tab.
Modify the security permissions to:
NT AUTHORITY/NetworkService (or configured database service account) (Full Control)
Administrators (Full Control)
Users (none)

Alternatively, the Windows ICACLS command may be used to modify permissions on folders and files using the Windows command prompt.

If other permissions have been granted to other users or groups, ensure that the system documentation is updated to note the organizationally approved permission setting and corresponding justification of the permission settings for this requirement.

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