DKER-EE-001000 - The Docker Enterprise Per User Limit Login Session Control in the Universal Control Plane (UCP) Admin Settings must be set to an organization-defined value for all accounts and/or account types.


The UCP component of Docker Enterprise includes a built-in access authorization mechanism called eNZi which can be integrated with an LDAP server and subsequently configured to limit the number of concurrent sessions to an organization-defined number for all accounts and/or account types. Per-user session control limits are configured with a default of 10. For reference, the per user limit in UCP specifies the maximum number of sessions that any user can have active at any given time. If creating a new session would put a user over this limit then the least recently used session will be deleted. A value of zero disables limiting the number of sessions that users may have. This configuration applies to both the UCP and DTR management consoles.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


Set the 'Per User Limit' Login Session Control in the UCP Admin Settings per the requirements set forth by the System Security Plan (SSP).

via UI:

In the UCP web console, navigate to 'Admin Settings' | 'Authentication & Authorization' and set the 'Per User Limit' field according to the requirements of this control.

via CLI:

Linux (requires curl and jq): As a Docker EE Admin, execute the following commands on either a UCP Manager node or using a UCP client bundle. Replace [ucp_url] with the UCP URL, [ucp_username] with the username of a UCP administrator and [ucp_password] with the password of a UCP administrator.

AUTHTOKEN=$(curl -sk -d '{'username':'[ucp_username]','password':'[ucp_password]'}' https://[ucp_url]/auth/login | jq -r .auth_token)
curl -sk -H 'Authorization: Bearer $AUTHTOKEN' https://[ucp_url]/api/ucp/config-toml > ucp-config.toml

Open the 'ucp-config.toml' file, set the 'per_user_limit' entry under the '[auth.sessions]' section according to the requirements of this control. Save the file.

Execute the following commands to update UCP with the new configuration:

curl -sk -H 'Authorization: Bearer $AUTHTOKEN' --upload-file ucp-config.toml https://[ucp_url]/api/ucp/config-toml

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References: 800-53|AC-10, CAT|III, CCI|CCI-000054, Rule-ID|SV-235775r627452_rule, STIG-ID|DKER-EE-001000, STIG-Legacy|SV-104693, STIG-Legacy|V-94863, Vuln-ID|V-235775

Plugin: Unix

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