NET-VLAN-023 - Restricted VLAN not assigned to non-802.1x device.


Printers must be assigned to a VLAN that is not shared by unlike devices.

Aspects of hardening the network wall plate may include traffic filtering or restrictions on connectivity to enforce a device-, community of interest-, or user-specific security policy. For example, if a printer were plugged into a switch port, it would be prudent to ensure that only printer traffic is allowed on that switch port. If the printer is unplugged and a substitute device other than a printer is plugged into that switch port, the substitute device should not be able to communicate arbitrarily with other devices because only printer traffic is allowed on that switch port.

NOTE: Nessus has not performed this check. Please review the benchmark to ensure target compliance.

Review the device configuration to determine if a VLAN has been established for printers.


Create a VLAN on the device for print type devices and assign printers to the VLAN ID.

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References: CAT|III, Rule-ID|SV-20088r2_rule, STIG-ID|NET-VLAN-023, Vuln-ID|V-18544

Plugin: Cisco

Control ID: f58708d81a8e4461f2d8280e1ad954344d263d6c6c801490fd68dd6555156ae3