WG255 A22 - Access to the web server log files must be restricted to administrators, web administrators, and auditors.


A major tool in exploring the web site use, attempted use, unusual conditions, and problems are the access and error logs. In the event of a security incident, these logs can provide the SA and the web administrator with valuable information. Because of the information that is captured in the logs, it is critical that only authorized individuals have access to the logs.


To ensure the integrity of the data that is being captured in the log files, ensure that only the members of the Auditors group, Administrators, and the user assigned to run the web server software is granted permissions to read the log files.

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References: 800-53|CM-6, CAT|II, CSCv6|3.1, Rule-ID|SV-36643r1_rule, STIG-ID|WG255_A22, Vuln-ID|V-13689

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 51654caa0252b652ce49908a3ccacf325bfdd8f549d96c57d88c607ab4033292