WG205 A22 - The web document (home) directory must be in a separate partition from the web server's system files.


Application partitioning enables an additional security measure by securing user traffic under one security context, while managing system and application files under another. Web content is can be to an anonymous web user. For such an account to have access to system files of any type is a major security risk that is avoidable and desirable. Failure to partition the system files from the web site documents increases risk of attack via directory traversal, or impede web site availability due to drive space exhaustion.

NOTE: Nessus has provided the target output to assist in reviewing the benchmark to ensure target compliance.


Move the web document (normally 'htdocs') directory to a separate partition, other than the OS root partition and the web server's system files.

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References: 800-53|CM-6b., CAT|II, Rule-ID|SV-33021r1_rule, STIG-ID|WG205_A22, Vuln-ID|V-3333

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 3d2455926d3c33d9e69fe53875109f6db53ba41c567474e4821032455e2f9527