8.1.1 Ensure informational messages from the VM to the VMX file are limited

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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Limit informational messages from the virtual machine (VM) to the virtual machine extensions (VMX) file to avoid filling the datastore. The configuration file containing these name-value pairs is limited to a size of 1 MB by default. This should be sufficient for most cases, but you can change this value if necessary, such as if large amounts of custom information are being stored in the configuration file.


Filling the datastore with informational messages from the VM to the VMX file could cause a denial of service.


Set this configuration as follows:
Run the following PowerCLI command:

# Add the setting to all VMs
Get-VM | New-AdvancedSetting -Name 'tools.setInfo.sizeLimit' -value 1048576

Default Value:


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