2.9 Only enable Solaris Volume Manager daemons if absolutely necessary - Uncomment service 100229 in /etc/inet/inetd.conf


This item only applies to Solaris 9 systems (or systems that have the Solaris Volume Manager or Solaris DiskSuite products installed). The Solaris Volume Manager (formerly Solaris DiskSuite) provides software RAID capability for Solaris systems. This functionality can either be controlled via the GUI administration tools provided with the operating system, or via the command line. However, the GUI tools cannot function without several daemons enabled in inetd.conf. Since the same functionality that is in the GUI is available from the command line interface, administrators are strongly urged to leave these daemons disabled and administer volumes directly from the command line.

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Audit Name: CIS Solaris 9 v1.3


References: 800-53|CM-7b., CSCv6|9.1

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: 9f8c6b19db477a5f9216203348a3514579404738b9a9db678eaf83d955bbb594