3.10 Only enable automount daemon if absolutely necessary - Ensure file /etc/rc2.d/S74autofs does NOT exist.


The automount daemon is normally used to automatically mount NFS file systems from remote file servers when needed. However, the automount daemon can also be configured to mount local (loopback) file systems as well, which may include local user home directories, depending on the system configuration. Sites that have local home directories configured via the automount daemon in this fashion will need to ensure that this daemon is running for Sun's SMC graphical administrative interface to function properly.

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Audit Name: CIS Solaris 9 v1.3


References: 800-53|CM-7b., CSCv6|9.1

Plugin: Unix

Control ID: c6e51f0d70b75321b43a232a6da8bf046e0e39e6275e331ac91f6720f78a6ed9