1.3.4 Ensure 'Required Password Change Period' is less than or equal to 90 days


This defines how long a user can use a password before it expires.
The longer a password exists, the higher the likelihood that it will be compromised by a brute force attack, by an attacker gaining general knowledge about the user and guessing the password, or by the user sharing the password.


Navigate to Device > Setup > Management > Minimum Password Complexity.
Set Required Password Change Period (days) to less than or equal to 90
Execute the following CLI command:
[email protected]#set mgt-config password-complexity
+ block-repeated-characters Block repeated characters count
+ block-username-inclusion Block inclusion of username and it's reverse
+ enabled Enable minimal password complexity enforcement
+ minimum-length Minimum password length
+ minimum-lowercase-letters Minimum lowercase letters in the password
+ minimum-numeric-letters Minimum numeric(0-9) letters in the password
+ minimum-special-characters Minimum special characters(non-alphanumeric) in the password
+ minimum-uppercase-letters Minimum uppercase letters in the password
+ new-password-differs-by-characters New Password must differ by the count chars
+ password-change-on-first-login Password must change on first time login
+ password-change-period-block Password change block period
+ password-history-count Save password history for password changes
> password-change password-change
<Enter> Finish input
# commit

Default Value:
Not enabled.

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References: 800-53|IA-5(1)(d), CSCv6|5

Plugin: Palo_Alto

Control ID: 32f246738d4c09e9859a77d5485c079855ea608aac11bf80930bc166bd2da651