1.2.2 Ensure 'Permitted IP Addresses' is set for all management profiles where SSH, HTTPS, or SNMP is enabled - SNMP


For all management profiles, only the IP addresses required for device management should be specified.
If a Permitted IP Addresses list is either not specified or is too broad, an attacker may gain the ability to attempt management access from unintended locations, such as the Internet. The 'Ensure 'Security Policy' denying any/all traffic exists at the bottom of the security policies ruleset' recommendation in this benchmark can provide additional protection by requiring a security policy specifically allowing device management access.


Navigate to Network > Network Profiles > Interface Management.
Set Permitted IP Addresses to only include those necessary for device management.
To remediate this setting using the CLI, execute the following commands:
[email protected]#set network profiles interface-management-profile permitted-ip
[email protected]#commit
Default Value:
Not enabled

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