2.4 Disable RPC Encryption Key

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This audit has been deprecated and will be removed in a future update.

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The keyserv service is only required for sites that are using the Secure RPC mechanism.
The most common use for Secure RPC on Solaris machines is "secure NFS", which uses the
Secure RPC mechanism to provide higher levels of security than the standard NFS
protocols. ("Secure NFS" is unrelated to Kerberos authentication as a mechanism for
providing higher levels of NFS security. "Kerberized" NFS does not require the keyserv
service to be running.)


This service should be disabled if it is not required.


Run the following to set sendmail to listen only local interfaces:

# svccfg -v -s svc:/network/smtp:sendmail setprop config/local_only=true

# svcadm refresh sendmail

# svcadm restart sendmail

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