2.3.3 Verify Display Sleep is set to a value larger than the Screen Saver


Users of the system can easily assume that the computer is protected when the display goes to sleep.
The computer should be configured so that the screen is locked whenever the display turns off automatically.
NOTE : CIS recommends this value be 'longer than the Screen Saver'. An assumed value of '10' is used here.


In System Preferences: Energy Saver, drag the slider for 'Put the display(s) to sleep...' to a reasonable number,
but longer than the screen saver setting. The Mac will display a warning if the number is too short.
Alternatively, use the following command:
sudo /usr/bin/pmset -c displaysleep 0
Note: The -c flag means 'wall power.' Different settings must be used for other power sources

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References: 800-53|AC-11, CSCv6|16.5

Plugin: Unix

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